The Embassy of the Philippines will forward the Report of Birth (ROB) to the National Statistics Office (NSO) in The Philippines. The NSO-certified Birth Certificate (BC) may be retrieved in the Philippines three (3) months after the filing of the ROB at the Embassy of the Philippines. (Note: Always keep a personal copy of the ROB at all times).


    1. Application to be filled out personally by Filipino parent(s). Forms should be signed by the Filipino mother/father.  

    2. Duly accomplished ROB application form in three (3) copies.

    3. International/uittreksel uit de geboorteakte Birth Certificate from the Gemeente. The BC should first be legalized by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken) and make three photocopies.

    4. Valid Philippine passport(s) of Filipino parent(s) and BC issued by NSO on Security Paper (SECPA) and authenticated by the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) in Manila.

    5. If parents are married, specifically at the time of birth, photocopy of authenticated NSO-issued Marriage Contract (MC) if married in the Philippines or Report of Marriage (ROM) issued by the Embassy of the Philippines (or Consulate General of the Philippines) in the country where the marriage was solemnized.

     If parents are not married, the child may use the surname of the father “if their filiation has been expressly recognized by the father through the record of birth appearing in the civil register, or when an admission in a public document or private handwritten instrument is made by the father.” (Section 1, Republic Act No. 9255, 24 February 2004). Based on Administrative Order No. 1 Series of 2016 of R.A. No. 9255, the following documents shall be filed at the Local Civil Registry Office (LCRO) or Philippine Foreign Service Post (PFCP) for registration:

a. Affidavit of Admission of Paternity (AAP) (to be executed by the father)*

b. Private Handwritten Instrument (PHI) (executed by the father)*

c. Affidavit to Use the Surname of the father (AUSF) (to be executed by the applicant, mother or guardian)*

*AAP and AUSF should be personally presented and signed by the concerned parent before a Consular Officer. These Legal Instruments will be processed through JURAT (with eyelet and red ribbon) that bears the official seal of Post, and registered in the Registry Book of Legal Instruments.  A Certificate of Registration will be issued by Post to the applicant (two Legal Instruments in one Certificate is acceptable).

Both the AAP/PHI and AUSF should be prepared in 4 copies. 

    6. Affidavit of Delayed Registration

    7. If dual citizen, original parent/s’ Oath of Allegiance, which cites the name of the child in the Reacquisition papers of the parent. (Updated per OL-279-OCA-2016 dated 11 November 2016)

    8. Please present all original documents


Basic Fees:
Euro 22.50 (Report of Birth)
Euro 22.50 (Embassy Legalization of the International Birth Certificate)
Euro 22.50 (Affidavits, if applicable)

For the registration of illegitimate children:
Euro 22.50 (Registration of Report of Birth of illegitimate child)
Euro 22.50 (Embassy notarization and registration of one Legal Instrument, AAP/PHI or AUSF)
Euro 22.50 (Certificate of Registration for AAP or AUSF or both as Legal Instrument)


Euro .10 (photocopy services)
Please bring self-addressed stamped envelope (registered mail for mailing services)

(Updated per FSC-165-2016 dated 11 July 2016 of CIR-2216-OCA-2016)