An immigrant is an alien coming from abroad to reside permanently in the Philippines. An immigrant may enter the Philippines under the quota basis by virtue of special qualifications. In this section, the requirements for a Non-Quota Immigrant Visa are discussed.

Non-Quota Immigrant Visas may be issued to:

    • Wife or husband or unmarried child/children under 21 years old of a Philippine citizen (Sec 13a)
    • Child of alien parents born during visit abroad of permanent resident mother, if child is accompanying or coming to join a parent (Sec 13b)
    • Child born subsequent to issuance of immigration visa to accompanying parents, the visa not having expired (Section 13c)
    • Filipino woman who lost her citizenship by marriage and her unmarried child under twenty-one years of age, if accompanying or following to join her (Section 13d)
    • Returning residents (Section 13e)
    • Natural born Filipino naturalized in a foreign country (Section 13g)



Applicants shall submit the following documents in triplicate or copies of 3:

    1. Personal appearance at the Embassy for all applicants, whether quota or non-quota. For minors under fourteen (14) years of age, the application may be filed on their behalf by any person who, in the opinion of the consular officer, is responsible for their welfare.
    2. Duly accomplished application form (FA Form No. 3)
    3. Valid passport (present original and submit 3 photocopies)
    4. Birth certificate. For Birth Certificates issued in the Philippines, the Birth Certificate should be printed on NSO security paper and authenticated by the DFA. For Birth Certificates in the Netherlands, please secure an International Birth Certificate from the Gemeente. The International Birth Certificate should first be legalized by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken), and then by the Philippine Embassy in The Hague.
    5. Passport and/or birth certificate of Filipino spouse. (Present original and submit 3 photocopies. For passport, 3 photocopies of the information page)
    6. Marriage Contract issued on NSO security paper and authenticated by the DFA, or Report of Marriage issued by the Philippine Embassy in the Hague (or the Philippine Embassy/Consulate in the country where the marriage took place)
    7. Certificate of Good Conduct (Police Clearance) legalized by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Philippine Embassy in The Hague
    8. Biodata of applicant (download form)
    9. Medical Examination – DFA Form No. 11legalized/authenticated by the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare, and Sport (Ministerie van Volksgezondheid, Welzijn en Sport); the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken); and then by the Philippine Embassy in The Hague.The medical examination report on DFA Form no. 11 shall contain a complete medical report accomplished by duly authorized physician. It must also include the chest x-ray film and laboratory reports. The medical examination report is acceptable only if submitted to the quarantine officer at the port of entry, together with the visa application, within six (6) months from the date the examination was conductedMedical Examination – DFA Form No. 11 (download form)
    10. Proof of financial capacity (such as bank statement, statement of assets and liabilities, statement of salary/pension)
    11. Eight (8) photographs 4.5 cm x 4.5 cm taken within the last six months